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At Jayde, we all come to work everyday because we want to solve one of the biggest problems of the world – the environment and how to create a sustainable ecosystem. Everyone wants to contribute but does not know how and where. Individuals don’t know where to start and what to do, how to approach this and how they can contribute in a way that there is a symbiotic relationship. Businesses today are in need of recycling more than ever, especially with the government regulations and the EPR obligations. They need the right partners to help them achieve their goals and objectives, but the fragmented ecosystem does not give them the right resources. The recyclers and dismantlers have capacity but they are not able to optimally utilise it for want of a consistent supply.

Thus at Jayde, we have set out at our journey to solve the above issues and create a platform that will be environmentally viable and socially sustainable. We harness modern technology to create an ecosystem that is meticulously planned keeping in mind the needs of all the stakeholders and ensuring that it is a win win for all, so that everyone embarks on the recycling journey and is happy about it!

Welcome to Jayde and hope you will enjoy your association with Jayde as much as we have enjoyed creating it.




To be the partner of choice and enabler for both consumers and businesses to recycle and contribute to the environment in a commercially viable manner



Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients and how we contribute to their lives.

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We ensure that we will deliver services in a prompt and transparent manner to all our stakeholders while ensuring that we are contributing to the health of the environment



Jayde operates on Imagination, Individuality, Inclusivity, & Impact. We dream it, and then do it—together—every day reinventing what's possible

Its all about sustainability 





The Jayde platform is designed to ensure that recycling is made available at the doorsteps to both businesses and individuals. This clubbed with a value adding commercial model makes people to use the platform on a regular basis and contribute to the environment
Jayde as a platform brings commercial value to the different segments in its value chain that are connected. The consumer gets value for the goods that they are disposing, the businesses also can sell their waste and also complete their EPR. The recyclers and aggregators get the right value for the products that they get. Overall the ecosystem is ensuring that there is a value add for all stakeholders and there is a commercial value for all they do



While the Jayde concept is a commercial one but at the heart it has a strong objective to ensure that the levels of recycling is increasing and also each party is fulfilling their obligations. We use the block chain technology to create an audit trail for the recycling and that the goods that are to be recycled are done in an appropriate fashion and thus we ensure that we are contributing to the environment and that too in a sustainable way
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Meet the force behind jayde


Surjith Reddy

Surjith Reddy has over 20 years of management experience working across Telecom, Software and industrial sectors in US, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Surjith held several executive management positions in his career and brings with him extensive experience of being on the Board of large Multi-National Companies and has led teams in incubating new businesses, grow companies in-organically through acquisitions and building global partnerships. He has done his masters in Management from IIM Calcutta and Chemical Engineering from BITS, Pilani.

Anup Gupta

Anup has seasoned and versatile experience of more 20 years in Global Telecom  and Technology spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He has helped businesses penetrate new geographies and markets in order to enhance revenues across verticals. He has significant achievements in creating innovative go to market strategies, driving transformation and synergies. He has worked with multiple organisations Globally and has helped them significantly enhance their business and monetise their assets. Anup holds a Bachelors Degree in Science and is a MBA.
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Arun Meena

Arun Meena is an IIT Kanpur Alumni from department of Computer Science. Arun has more than 12 years of experience in product development and solutioning across geographies in Education, RealEstate, BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Social Media and new age businesses. In his previous roles, Arun was CTO for Emerging Technologies at Hindustan Times working on Radio, Entertainment, Print & Digital Ad and HT’s Education businesses (K-12 Tutoring and Higher Education). While at Emaar Properties Dubai as Digital head, Arun was implementing Smart Cities and Smart Communities
Team work

You -Yes You!

Yes you are the most important part of our team. Whether you are a partner, a customer, a supplier, an analyst, a journalist or an investor, you contribute significantly to our business and it is you that makes us who we are and keeps us going everyday

We ensure that we contribute to the 

UN Sustainability Development Goals


The Jayde Philosophy is inclusive and one of the key aspects of the business will be the tie ups with the local ragpickers and Kabadiwallahs and this will give them a better means of livelihood and more earning, Our aim is to partner will close to 5 lakh kabadiwallahs in the next five years


Jayde uses modern Blockchain technology in a largely informal sector and gives the sector a much needed boost by tracking the waste,


By using the Jayde platform, the waste is disposed in the right ways, thus reducing the impact of the waste disposal on the environment significantly, Jayde works with Institutions  and Corporates meet their sustainability goals


Jayde works in the waste management business and ensures that all the downstream partners have a better livelihood and also grow with the business, We will augment their income by 50% to 200% and give better working conditions


Jayde ensures that cities have better conditions by disposing waste responsibly and also have access to next generation waste management services. By recycling ewaste, Multi layered plastics our endeavor is to create more sustainable cities and communities


The Jayde ecosystem is based on partnerships and it ensures that it partners with the different stakeholders and helps them collaborate to meet the SDGs

Jayde |  J-ae-y-d 

Jayde is a modern rendition of the word Jade. Jayde imbibes all the qualities of the stone jade. Like the stone jade that is green, Jayde also is all about being green and contributing to the environment. The stone is known in fengshui and asian cultures for manifesting good luck and prosperity to the owner and that is exactly what the platform brings for all the stakeholders involved.

Yes, we have given Jayde a unique colour to define its modern identity, but what is life without a bit of Poetic Licence.

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E 1006,

Ramky Towers, Gachibowli, Selingampally, Hyderabad






403, Road no. 81,

Film Nagar,

Jubilee Hills,





DPT 201

DLF Prime Towers,

Okhla Phase 1,

New Delhi 


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